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Cryptocurrency Index Funds: Can They Beat Bitcoin's Returns?


Willy Woo is a New Zealander with 15 years experience founding multiple startups. He’s also an angel investor, traded derivatives during the 2008 world financial crisis and, since 2013, has been fascinated and excited about cryptocurrency. In this article, Woo presents his simulations of cryptocurrency index funds, which suggest that bitcoin is hard to beat. …

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China Pushes for Blockchain Cooperation With New Research Report


The Chinese government has released some of its first research findings on blockchain technology. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has published a new white paper that explores various applications of the technology. Its release this week coincided with a forum on blockchain hosted by the Chinese government aimed …

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The Rise of ViaBTC: How A Mysterious Miner Could Decide Bitcoin's Future


Bitcoin’s “most professional mining pool” has become its most controversial. Following months of debate over how to scale bitcoin’s transaction capacity, the conversation has become newly contentious as progress on much-hyped solutions continue to face the kinds of delays that perhaps should be expected when working with novel technologies. This lack of progress (real …

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Delaware Judge Pushes for Blockchain Proxy Voting


A judge for the Delaware Chancery Court has advocated for blockchain-based proxy voting as a means to put more power in the hands of shareholders. Chancery Court Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster spoke late last month during a meeting of the Council of Institutional Investors, a nonprofit organization dedicated to institutional …

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Global Banks Test Ripple's Digital Currency in New Blockchain Trial


It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies have undergone a dramatic rebrand. No longer perceived as a detriment to banks and governments, cryptocurrencies are now being hailed as “digital assets”. As more and more financial intuitions become comfortable with the blockchain technology on which they are based, they are openly discussing a future when the financial tools …

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Bitcoin Startup Execs Join Uphold Team


Two bitcoin startup executives have joined the leadership team for Uphold, the digital money platform. Bitnet CEO and co-founder John McDonnell and chief data architect Jiri Novak will become part of a new offering called Uphold Merchant Services, which will aim to provide payment and financing services to businesses that use …

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European Insurance Firms Launch New Blockchain Consortium


Five major European insurance and reinsurance companies have partnered on a new blockchain initiative, seeking a potential new path for delivering faster and secure client services. The project, dubbed the Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative, or B3i, is aimed at providing a meeting ground for the companies to exchange ideas, test …

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Ethereum Forks But Blockchain Attacks Keep On Coming


Between a block and a hard place? While ethereum’s latest hard fork went according to plan yesterday (so far without any drastic side effects), attacks on its blockchain quickly began anew. In this case, ethereum executed a hard fork on Tuesday in a bid to stop denial of service (DoS) attacks that have been …

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Japan's MUFG is Using Digital Currency to Rewards its Employees


Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), the parent company of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, has embarked on a new digital currency trial through one of its subsidiaries. MUFG is conducting the test through a subsidiary called Securities Co, at which employees will be awarded a blockchain-based currency called “OOIRI” …

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